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A Year of Grace and Gratitude

Cultivate More Grace and Gratitude in the New Year

With grace and gratitude, we have the power to create the future we want. The 2023 Unity Calendar—A Year of Grace and Gratitude—will inspire you to recognize grace in any circumstance, knowing gratitude follows naturally.

Here’s what you’ll find in your 2023 Unity Calendar:

  • Monthly reminders of the divine aspects of life
  • Affirmations to help acknowledge the grace around you
  • Bible verses to support your spiritual journey in the year ahead
  • Beautiful photos of Unity Village, reminding you that grace is all around
Whatever your spiritual practice looks like, grace and gratitude can strengthen and nourish you on your journey. Request your new calendar today!

    2023 Calendar - English - Downloadable Version

    Item: W1313

Resources like these from Unity are our gift to you with no obligation. But if you can support our ministry and help provide prayer, hope, and practical spiritual teachings to people around the world, your kindness will be greatly appreciated.