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  • Blindspot: Hidden Biases of Good People

    Understand how our brains use common stereotypes, and how we can outsmart them. Learn how to identify and eradicate unconscious biases about others' character, abilities, and potential.

  • How to be an Antiracist

    Combining ethics, history, law, science, and personal experience, Ibram X. Kendi encourages readers to think differently about racism. Learn how to oppose racism, both in systems and in ourselves.
  • So You Want to Talk About Race

    Race and racism infect almost every aspect of American life, yet they remain difficult to talk about. This user-friendly guide shows you how to have honest conversations about racism, privilege, and white supremacy with the people in your life.

  • The Zen Executive: Gems of Wisdom for Enlightened Leadership

    Winner of an Independent Press Award-Distinguished Favorite in the Bussiness: Motivaltional category, The Zen Executive: Gems of Wisdom for Enlightened Leadership is a pithy, portable book with common-sense ideas for aligning business practices with ancient spiritual principles—from a voice of experience.

    Author Jim Blake has held executive positions in corporate America and now is CEO of Unity World Headquarters, a global spiritual nonprofit. He deftly integrates what he has learned and practiced in different settings to navigate the business world from a higher perspective. These gems of wisdom will boost innovation and creativity in any endeavor!

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  • Paws of Wisdom Puzzle

    Paws of Wisdom is a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle celebrating the spiritual lessons we can learn from the animals we love. With a 20-inch circular design, this delightful puzzle features familiar favorites like dogs and cats, as well as other adorable pets.