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  • DAILY WORD Affirmation Cards: Family (Child Edition)

    To encourage children to think about their divine potential, we offer this deck of 30 childrenÆs affirmation cards with resuable sides for coloring. The corresponding parenting deck (available separately) inspires family-oriented activities.
  • DAILY WORD Affirmation Cards: Family (Parent Edition)

    To encourage children to think about their divine potential, these 30 parenting affirmation cards include supportive thoughts and conversation-starters. The corresponding childrenÆs deck (available separately) also includes reusable sides for coloring.
  • Worthy of Wonder

    This journal is meant to be written on, colored in, and completed in any order you choose. Filled with writing prompts, coloring pages, and creative exercises to guide your self-discovery journey.
  • The Fire Next Time

    A provocative examination of racial injusticeùand of James Baldwin's early lifeùthis classic exhorts Americans to attack the terrible legacy of racism.
  • Discover the Power Within You

    Special Edition with Foreword by Maya Angelou - In this 40th anniversary edition of Eric Butterworth's inspiring classic, the author shares the greatest discovery of all timeùthe ability to invoke the divine within. Learn to release the power locked in you to let your light shine!
  • Inspiration Collection

    Four inspiring tools in one collection: Use the Intention Dice Set, Inspiration Notepads, Just for Today Calendar, and Nurture Your Divine Spirit booklet to start new spiritual practices and spark self-discovery.
  • Inspiration Notepads - Set of Three

    This set of three inspiration notepads offers a place to sketch, doodle, and write. Use them to support your gratitude practice, set intentions, and create a vision board.
  • Just for Today: A Journal for Conscious Living

    This spiral-bound journal offers 101 powerful intentions to deepen your spiritual journey by encouraging guided journaling, prompting your morning pages, or supporting a meditation practice.
  • Just for Today Set

    Daily companions for your spiritual practice, the Just for Today Calendar offers 365 practical intentions, and the Just for Today Journal includes powerful intentions and meditative designsùwith plenty of space to write and reflect.
  • Wee Wisdom Retrospective

    A look back at Wee Wisdom, the beloved children's magazine first published by Myrtle Fillmore in 1893. Enjoy images, poetry, and stories that recall the character-building magazine for boys and girls.
  • Unity Executive Portfolio

    Leather-look executive portfolio, with Unity logo on the front, holds a 8-1/2" x 11" pad. Also fitted with a pen holder, inside pockets, and zipper closure.
  • Intention Dice Set

    This set of five acrylic dice can be used for intention setting, journaling, guided reflection, and divination to inspire spiritual growth and self-discovery.