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40 Days of Letting Go: Lent 2023

A Spiritual Practice for Lent

Lent is a season of preparation for Easter and the celebration of new life. It is an opportunity to consider how we are living and where we direct our energy.

40 Days of Letting Go: Lent 2023 offers inspiration and specific suggestions for releasing whatever keeps you from realizing your true spiritual nature. The booklet not only identifies qualities to release—anger, anxiety, fear, and more—but explains how to do it. It includes:

  • Daily messages suggesting ways to let go of a particular habit or action
  • Bible verses and affirmations to help shift your consciousness
  • Insightful Sunday essays exploring the process of letting go and preparing you to welcome the love, power, and wisdom around you

    40 Days of Letting Go: Lent 2023 - Downloadable Version

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