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Spiritual Keys to Aging Well

Change the Way You Think About Aging

For many of us, the mystery and inevitability of aging can be difficult to accept. But when we learn to embrace each day with grace, positivity, and reflection, we realize the rich possibilities aging holds.

The new booklet from Unity, Spiritual Keys to Aging Well, will help you acknowledge the passing of time without buying into the idea that it is synonymous with decline. Unity ministers and New Thought writers—ranging in age from their 50s to 90s—share:

  • What they’ve learned about growing older
  • Suggestions for befriending your changing body and mind
  • Ways to adapt your spiritual practices to serve you with each passing year
As you’ll read, it is our choice to age gracefully. May Spiritual Keys to Aging Well inspire you to change the way you think about growing older, allowing for more peace, growth, and wonder with each passing year.

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