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  • Accepting Death, Embracing Life: How Death Teaches Us to LIVE

    Expanded, revised edition with a foreword from Jim Blake, CEO of Unity World Headquarters.

    Facing the death of someone we love is one of the most difficult and challenging parts of life. Patricia Gulino Lansky’s stirring personal journey through the deaths of eight family members will empower you to transform any fear of death and loss into a deeper appreciation of life.

    “Reading this book began my healing journey. It was instrumental in helping me finally process and understand my own relationship with grief.”—Jim Blake, CEO, Unity World Headquarters.

  • Affirmation Growth Chart

    Encourage your child’s growth with our delightful Affirmation Growth Chart. It’s easy to mark and features 12 positive affirmations to promote a healthy mindset.

  • Pride Pin

    Stand in solidarity with the LGBTQIA+ community, celebrate love, and support Unity with this delightful rainbow lapel pin. Great for pride events!

    Price: 10 for $30; not for sale individually.

  • Alternatives

    Explore the meanings behind traditional Christian concepts and symbols from a practical, historical, and metaphysical perspective, and unveil a whole new understanding of Christianity.

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  • Alternatives - e-Book

    Alternatives examines the thinking behind traditional Christian beliefs, offers some nontraditional perspectives, and allows you to decide what is valid for yourself. It will surely expand your thinking and enhance your spiritual growth.

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  • Advent Calendar

    Celebrate the season with the Unity Village Advent Calendar. Each window reveals affirmations of hope, peace, joy, and love, set in serene Unity Village scenes.