Desktop Release Whiteboard - A dry erase board with the categories 'I release,' 'I accept,' and 'I am'

Desktop Release Whiteboard

Elevate your mindset with our dual-sided tabletop release board. Clear space for opportunities and stay organized.

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Use this personal dry-erase board to let go of the daily thoughts, fears, and frustrations that do not serve you. Make room for new opportunities instead. Its compact size is perfect for your desk or meditation space. The reverse side is a blank whiteboard, convenient for reminders, doodles, or to-do lists. The magnetic surface is easy to clean, and the adjustable stand allows you to change the positioning as required to make this board easy to use.

Desktop Release Whiteboard with an adjustable stand that can be flipped over and customized with magnets. Magnets not included

Desktop Release Whiteboard - 9.75 inches - The front side has the categories, 'I release,' 'I accept,' and 'I am' - the back side is blank

Release what no longer serves you - An example whiteboard - I release: The need for control. I accept: Others have different methods. I am: Trusting!

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