I Heart Me!  Affirmation Button

I Heart Me! Affirmation Button

The I ♥ Me! Affirmation Button features 10 spiritual affirmations for kids of all ages, which can be an entertaining way to begin a prayer practice or foster joy.

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The I ♥ Me! Affirmation Button is a great way to introduce affirmations to kids of all ages. With a single push, hear a variety of inspirational phrases to remind you of your inherent divine value.

10 Positive Affirmations to Inspire Children

The I ♥ Me! Affirmation Button features 10 spiritual affirmations for kids and is an entertaining way to implement a daily prayer practice, bringing a smile to all ages. Great for youth groups, gifts, or family fun.

Affirmations include:

• My light is bright and always shines. I am unique, happy, and divine.
• I can do hard things.
• I am strong. I am brave. I can make it through anything.
• God is in every breath I take and every choice I make.
• I breathe deeply and feel peace in my heart. I know that I am loved.
• Each day is a new beginning. Every day I learn and grow.
• I am healthy, whole, strong, and creative!
• I am honest and stand up for what is right.
• My heart shares love. My hands help others. My life brings light to the world.
• The strength of God within me is bigger and stronger than any problem.

I Am Strong, I Am Brave, I Can Make It Through Anything.

Press the I ♥ Me! Affirmation Button every morning to start your day off right—or while tucking your child into bed at night. Affirmative prayer helps everyone connect with the inner voice that always has access to the power of love. These 10 affirmations are great reminders that help children build their self-esteem for years to come.


3.25-inch circle, batteries included

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