Inspiration Notepads - Set of Three

Inspiration Notepads - Set of Three

This set of three inspiration notepads offers a place to sketch, doodle, and write. Use them to support your gratitude practice, set intentions, and create a vision board.

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Tools for Growth

Inspiration Notepads: Sketch, doodle, and write your way to the life you want. This is a set of notepads in three inspirational designs with themes of gratitude, intention-setting, and visualization. Inspiration Notepads can be used individually or together as tools to motivate action, encourage creativity, and spark self-discovery.

“I am grateful for”: Use the simple prompts on this notepad to guide you through a daily gratitude practice. Take some time every day to focus on the things you are grateful for, even if you don’t feel grateful in the moment. Focusing attention on gratitude leads to greater appreciation for the relationships and blessings you already have and a more positive outlook for the future.

“Intention Planner”: Set your intentions and see what manifests. It is easy to lose track of yourself in the fast pace of modern life. This intention-setting planner allows you to identify your values and write daily intention statements for how you can live those values each day.

“Visualize It”: This little vision board invites you to daydream—then turn those dreams into reality. Write, draw, doodle, or collage on the “Visualize It” notepad, then hang it somewhere to keep your dreams in focus. If you love list-making or bullet-journaling, you will find visualizing a powerful tool to keep you motivated.

X4000, set of three, 7.5" x 5.25", 50 sheets per pad

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