Spiritual Being: A 12 Powers Self-Guided Retreat Kit

Spiritual Being: A 12 Powers Self-Guided Retreat Kit

Support your mind, body, and spirit with the Spiritual Being: A 12 Powers Self-Guided Retreat. Explore the Unity 12 powers and your own divine nature with a DIY retreat kit you can use anytime, anywhere.

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Don’t wait for an in-person retreat to give yourself space to breathe!

Take time for yourself anytime with Unity’s Spiritual Being: A 12 Powers Self-Guided Retreat. This DIY retreat bundle comes complete with everything you’ll need to savor your mind, body, and spirit through visualization, reflection, and meditation. With the Spiritual Being: A 12 Powers Self-Guided Retreat, your heart space becomes the retreat location—whether you’re out in nature, in the comfort of your own room, or together with a group of spiritual friends. The kit is also perfect for a church group or class.

The Unity 12 powers teach that we each have creative powers that are fundamental to us and our humanity. The powers (faith, power, order, strength, imagination, zeal, wisdom, understanding, release, love, will, and life) are all connected to our divine nature—and they’re innate spiritual gifts that we can explore and strengthen to build the life we desire.

What does the retreat include? The kit contains an itinerary template, 12 powers descriptions and supplemental content, activity instructions, and reflection questions—plus a journal and activity supplies.

This self-guided retreat is intended to help you assess and balance your innate spiritual powers.

What Are the 12 Powers? Influenced by the Transcendental movement and Eastern spirituality, Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore created the 12 powers system more than a century ago. Like chakras from Eastern religions, each of these 12 spiritual powers are also associated with a physical location in the body through the mind-body connection. By visualizing each of the powers in meditation, this retreat will help you create a somatic connection with how the Divine shows up in your life.

9" x 6" x 2" box, 12 activity guides, journal, schedule, pen, and activity materials

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