The Lazarus Blueprint

The Lazarus Blueprint

Mary-Alice & Richard Jafolla

Like a masterpiece hidden beneath another painting, new meaning lies behind the New Testament story of raising Lazarus from the dead. It includes six steps for overcoming seemingly impossible situations.

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From the authors of The Simple Truth and The Quest

An Ancient Secret Is Hiding in Plain Sight

Like a masterpiece hidden beneath another painting, another story lies behind the well-known New Testament story of Lazarus. On the surface, Jesus appeared to perform a miracle when he raised Lazarus from the dead. However, also embedded within the story is an extraordinary blueprint--Six Steps for overcoming seemingly impossible situations. The Lazarus Blueprint is so universal, timeless and powerful it can work for everyone.

You Must Have a Key to Unlock It

With this book as your guide, uncover the masterpiece--hidden for more than 2,000 years. Learn this blueprint for peace, healing and fulfillment. Then apply the Six Steps to overcome any obstacle and redesign your life.

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Authors of many books, Mary-Alice and Richard Jafolla founded Spirit of Life, a nonprofit organization dedicated to all aspects of wellness. They are former directors of Silent Unity®, the prayer ministry of Unity, serving people of all faiths with 24/7 prayer support.

Softcover, 149 pages

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