The Simple Truth - e-Book

The Simple Truth - e-Book

Mary-Alice & Richard Jafolla

A perfect introduction to the spiritual ideas taught in Unity. In 24 short, stimulating chapters, The Simple Truth offers new ways to think about God and ourselves, heaven and hell, love and prosperity, and the universal principles we live by—whether we know it or not. Each idea is presented using humorous and interesting quotes and anecdotes with interactive features and questions. A concise guide to metaphysics—perfect for teens and new Truth students!

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Product Description

Authors Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla were longtime Unity ministers with a flair for explaining spiritual topics in understandable ways. In this book, they tackle some of the deep ideas that theologians have argued about for centuries, but they manage to present them in a way that is lighthearted and even funny.

Here are just a few of the subjects you’ll be challenged to think about in new ways:

  • The nature of God
  • The meaning of Spirit, soul, and body
  • The universal law of cause and effect
  • The creative power of thoughts and words
  • Heaven and hell
  • Jesus, the Christ, and the Holy Spirit
  • Prayer and meditation
  • Love and prosperity
  • Faith, gratitude, and forgiveness

In The Simple Truth, each chapter offers background information on a basic, universal principle, followed by a user-friendly section that breathes life into each idea and makes it practical in everyday life.

This is the perfect book for anyone curious about New Thought teachings or who is seeking a deeper spiritual understanding.

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Pages: 177
Author: Mary-Alice & Richard Jafolla
Format: BKE

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