Worthy of Wonder

Worthy of Wonder


This journal is meant to be written on, colored in, and completed in any order you choose. Filled with writing prompts, coloring pages, and creative exercises to guide your self-discovery journey.

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Worthy of Wonder: A Journal of Self-Discovery

This self-discovery journal is filled with writing prompts, coloring pages, spiritual quotes, and creative exercises to help you discover the Divine within and revel in your unique wonderfulness. The softcover spiral-bound notebook is the perfect tool for guiding your journaling, reflection, and self-care practices.

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How can I use the Worthy of Wonder journal? The journal is designed to be written in, colored on, and completed in any order you choose. Find the prompt or exercise that speaks to you in the moment and start there.

Worthy of Wonder provides plenty of room for creativity, and it also offers valuable guidance for your self-discovery journey. Use it as part of your reflection or journaling practices, or you can make it a stand-alone self-care tool.

Where can I use the Worthy of Wonder journal? Anywhere! This spiral-bound notebook is 7 by 10 inches, the perfect size for keeping in your desk drawer, nightstand, or prayer nook. Complete one of the exercises as a complement to your meditative or prayer practices—or choose a page at random whenever the mood strikes.

Who is this product for? It is perfect for anyone who enjoys journaling, coloring, or self-reflection. It’s a wonderful workbook for those seeking a little self-discovery guidance or anyone who might feel intimidated by a completely blank journal. Worthy of Wonder makes a great gift for you, loved ones, or anyone who could use a reminder of their worth.

Spiral Bound, 144 pgs.

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