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  • In the Flow of Life

    In the Flow of Life calls you to live from the exhilarating and empowering realization that you are the expression of God flowing into our world. Eric Butterworth reveals life-transforming spiritual principles.

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  • Discover the Power Within You

    Special Edition with Foreword by Maya Angelou - In this 40th anniversary edition of Eric Butterworth's inspiring classic, the author shares the greatest discovery of all time—the ability to invoke the divine within. Learn to release the power locked in you to let your light shine!

  • Birthing a Greater Reality - e-Book

    This book is your navigational guide for releasing old ways of
    thinking, entering the ground level of your being, and emerging
    as a conscious cocreator of your reality and an active participant
    in global transformation.

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  • Adventures in Resilience e-Book

    Learn how to tap into the 12 Powers, our inherent spiritual abilities,
    to enrich your life. Includes affirmations, prayers, visual meditations,
    and reflection questions.

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  • Handbook of Positive Prayer - e-Book

    Learn how to pray as Jesus prayed and discover more about journaling,
    visualization, prayer vigils, prayer partners, and other ways to create
    a deeper and more fulfilling prayer life.

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  • How to Let God Help You - e-Book

    A spiritual classic that can help you strengthen your relationship with
    God and lead you to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. This
    collection of Myrtle Fillmore’s most inspired writing explores the
    intriguing philosophy that helped to build the Unity movement.

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  • Living Originally - e-Book

    Living originally is the art of knowing and being your true self. Using
    the book’s 10 spiritual practices, rediscover the truth of who you are.

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