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  • Be Ye Transformed e-Book

    This third volume of Elizabeth Sand Turner's trilogy of metaphysical Bible interpretation will bring new meaning to Acts, the letters of Paul, and Revelation. Whether you are a Bible scholar or seeking daily inspiration, this enlightening volume will enhance your metaphysical knowledge.

  • Talks on Truth - e-Book

    Charles Fillmore was in innovative thinker—a pioneer in metaphysical thought at a time when most religious views were entirely orthodox. These 14 enlightening talks by the Unity cofounder explore the metaphysical aspects of Christianity.

  • The Story of Unity - e-Book

    The Unity movement has experienced steady growth for more than a century. This updated edition includes the original 15 chapters relating the life and teachings of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, along with selections from their writings, photographs, and a chronology.

  • Wolf's Message - Audiobook

    After her daughter was killed by a lightning strike, author Suzanne Giesemann found herself following a web of clues from Wolf, a young man who was also killed by a lightning strike. These afterdeath communications helped him share uplifting messages of hope and joy.