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  • Prosperity's Ten Commandments - e-Book

    Georgiana Tree West expands the traditional understanding of the
    Ten Commandments, revealing them as guidelines to a happy,
    prosperous life. Learn how to use the wisdom found in these 10 rules
    of abundance in all your financial affairs.

  • Just How My Spirit Travels - e-Book

    In her inspiring memoir, Rosemary Fillmore Rhea, ordained Unity
    minister and granddaughter of the Unity cofounders, shares the
    spiritual journey of her life. She will inspire you to live life as an
    adventure and with a feeling of happy expectation.

  • Your Hope of Glory - e-Book

    Elizabeth Sand Turner presents a metaphysical study of Jesus and
    his teachings. Learn what Jesus taught about the practical
    metaphysical aspects of Christianity and how to apply this wonderful
    knowledge to your daily life.

  • Effectual Prayer - e-Book

    Author Frances W. Foulks takes you through the eight steps of prayer,
    from what makes prayer effectual to actually living in the consciousness
    of the Christ. Reverend Foulks offers practical advice on how to live
    happier lives through prayer in this Classic Library series edition.

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  • Adventures on the Quest - e-Book

    This companion to The Quest is a workbook that launches you
    on a dynamic experiential journey in living Unity principles every
    day of the year. Its meaningful activities help you bring truth
    into action.

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  • Applying Heart-Centered Metaphysics - e-Book

    A companion to the textbook Heart-Centered Metaphysics, this
    workbook is designed to increase your understanding and application
    of the teachings and tools in your everyday life. With rich exercises
    and space for notes, it can be used again and again to lead you to
    new awareness.

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  • Atom-Smashing Power of Mind - e-Book

    Charles Fillmore approaches the spiritual realm from a scientific
    viewpoint. He takes it apart, demystifies the "holiness" of our
    relationship to God and the universe, and remystifies us by showing
    us Jesus' teachings as scientific theory.

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  • Be Ye Transformed e-Book

    This third volume of Elizabeth Sand Turner's trilogy of metaphysical
    Bible interpretation will bring new meaning to Acts, the letters of
    Paul, and Revelation. Whether you are a Bible scholar or seeking
    daily inspiration, this enlightening volume will enhance your
    metaphysical knowledge.

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  • Birthing a Greater Reality - e-Book

    This book is your navigational guide for releasing old ways of
    thinking, entering the ground level of your being, and emerging
    as a conscious cocreator of your reality and an active participant
    in global transformation.

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  • Breaking the Ten Commandments - e-Book

    Break the Ten Commandments, not through sinning but by cutting
    through archaic language to unlock hidden meanings in biblical text.
    Their underlying principles can guide us in achieving metamorality—
    the highest level of ethical behavior, integrity, authenticity, and
    spiritual awareness.

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  • Complete Works Of H. Emilie Cady - e-Book

    In these three timeless books, Dr. Cady teaches that your life can
    be transformed by the power of your thoughts, words, and beliefs.
    She encourages you to find your truth as it is written in your own
    heart and then apply these truths in every area of your life.

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  • DAILYWORD Prosperity - e-Book

    Build a prosperity consciousness with this 90-day program from
    the publishers of Daily Word magazine. DAILY WORD Prosperity
    provides the reader with tips and tools for claiming and owning
    abundance in finances, health, and relationships.

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  • Do Greater Things - e-Book

    Living a spiritual life is not about claiming a religion or professing
    a creed. This book provides key questions intended to help readers
    uncover often-overlooked aspects of their spiritual natures and live
    more meaningful lives.

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  • Even Mystics Have Bills to Pay - e-Book

    This prosperity book invites you to go beyond old methods of making
    ends meet. Author Jim Rosemergy explains that the mystics of the
    world have found the proper balance in life, having discovered that the
    key to prosperity is turning toward God.

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  • Adventures in Resilience e-Book

    Learn how to tap into the 12 Powers, our inherent spiritual abilities,
    to enrich your life. Includes affirmations, prayers, visual meditations,
    and reflection questions.

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  • Handbook of Positive Prayer - e-Book

    Learn how to pray as Jesus prayed and discover more about journaling,
    visualization, prayer vigils, prayer partners, and other ways to create
    a deeper and more fulfilling prayer life.

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  • Heart-Centered Metaphysics - e-Book

    Heart-centered metaphysicians explore the fundamental divine ideas
    that ring true for every human being. Expand your understanding with
    this thought-provoking study guide. This awareness is our best tool for
    creating loving, fulfilling lives in a peaceful world.

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  • How to Let God Help You - e-Book

    A spiritual classic that can help you strengthen your relationship with
    God and lead you to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. This
    collection of Myrtle Fillmore’s most inspired writing explores the
    intriguing philosophy that helped to build the Unity movement.

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  • I Believe in Me - e-Book

    This Wee Wisdom® book is full of whimsical animals, characters, and
    angels that colorfully illustrate 27 affirmations to inspire you, the child
    you love, and the child within all of us.

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  • Jesus Christ Heals - e-Book

    This book provides Charles Fillmore's penetrating insights on the
    universal mental and spiritual laws used to access the healing methods
    of Jesus.

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