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  • Sacred Secrets - e-Book

    Sacred Secrets illuminates the Law of Attraction and other spiritual
    principles that have been taught by the Unity movement since 1889.
    Featuring a special message from Michael Beckwith, one of the
    contributors to The Secret, this collection of 35 essays by Unity writers,
    teachers, ministers and supporters explores essential spiritual truths
    for living a happy, healthy and meaningful life.

  • Heal the Past, Release the Pain

    Michael Moran tells us that when anyone or anything remains unforgiven, it has power over us, our emotional responses, our mental images, our physical well-being. He helps us work through the emotions we feel so we can let go and finally free ourselves from the pain and
    get on with living.

  • Dynamics for Living - e-Book

    A reliable cornerstone for the spiritual growth of hundreds
    of thousands of people, this guide provides easy reference to
    Charles Fillmore’s most influential teachings. Dynamics for
    combines three decades of writing in one handy publication
    that invites expanded study.

  • Daily Word for the Spirit - e-Book

    In this unique Daily Word volume, Colleen Zuck, editor of
    Daily Word for 25 years, has personally selected 50 memorable
    features from her time at the magazine. Prepare to be blessed by
    powerful real-life tales of giving and receiving love, forgiveness,
    and healing.

  • Love Is Strong As Death - e-Book

    The touching and powerful poems in this volume tell the story of
    Jim and his wife Katherine and how they lovingly deal with life,
    dying, and death. Within these pages, you'll find a healing spiritual
    power that transcends death and ultimately emerges into a
    triumphant statement of living faith.

  • Messengers - e-Book

    A riveting novel about the urgent spiritual and political questions
    we face in the 21st century, Messengers will leave you reconsidering
    your outlook on life and death and why we are here.

  • Good Questions - e-Book

    Drawn from his Q&A column Good Questions in Unity Magazine,
    Dr. Tom engages readers in answering their questions about tragedy,
    God, evil, religion, the Bible, prayer, healing, forgiveness, and death.
    He strives to help his readers think more critically and spiritually about
    their lives.

  • The Five Principles - e-Book

    The five principles constitute the core teachings of the Unity
    spiritual movement and are all reflected in the teachings of Jesus
    Christ. These same principles reflect the laws of the universe and
    show up in every major religion. Learn how to work with these
    principles and apply them to your life.

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  • The I of the Storm - e-Book

    Gary Simmons shows how to experience conflict from your center,
    instead of from the chaos of the outside world. You can learn to
    transform fear into fearlessness, resistance into nonresistance.
    This book is ideal for anyone who feels uncomfortable with conflict.

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  • Spiritual Economics (CD)

    Eric Butterworth reminds us in straightforward, nontheological language that we have the power and the means within us to live abundantly. More than 100,000 people have read this vibrant message in book form, and thousands have transformed their lives by putting it into practice.

  • Wellness on a Shoestring - e-Book

    Learn seven steps to achieve and maintain wellness without spending
    lots of money—from getting plenty of rest to clearing the junk out
    of your space or your life.

  • Mysteries of Genesis - e-Book

    Using scripture, etymology, and metaphysical interpretation, Charles
    Fillmore explains how viewing the story of Genesis as an allegory can
    lead to a greater understanding of the entire Bible, as well as the
    beginnings of man and the universe.

  • The Week That Changed The World - e-Book

    This enlightening study gives you a new perspective on the 47 events
    of Holy Week, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. Presented in the
    form of daily lessons, each chapter provides a thought-provoking look
    at each event. A study guide is included.

  • Prayer Way to Health, Wealth - e-Book

    The eldest son of Unity cofounders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore was
    raised in an environment of affirmative prayer, so it was natural that
    he would write about prayer as a means to achieve health, wealth, and
    happiness. The thirteen sections of this book are based on Truth
    affirmations Lowell Fillmore compiled from experience. 

  • Many faces of Prayer, The - e-Book

    From spoken confessions to symbolic rituals and silent meditation,
    prayer takes many forms. In his cross-cultural study of world religions,
    Rev. Dr. Thomas Shepherd uncovered two common themes: the need
    to make sense of life, and the need to live it successfully.

  • Prosperity's Ten Commandments - e-Book

    Georgiana Tree West expands the traditional understanding of the
    Ten Commandments, revealing them as guidelines to a happy,
    prosperous life. Learn how to use the wisdom found in these 10 rules
    of abundance in all your financial affairs.

  • Just How My Spirit Travels - e-Book

    In her inspiring memoir, Rosemary Fillmore Rhea, ordained Unity
    minister and granddaughter of the Unity cofounders, shares the
    spiritual journey of her life. She will inspire you to live life as an
    adventure and with a feeling of happy expectation.

  • Your Hope of Glory - e-Book

    Elizabeth Sand Turner presents a metaphysical study of Jesus and
    his teachings. Learn what Jesus taught about the practical
    metaphysical aspects of Christianity and how to apply this wonderful
    knowledge to your daily life.

  • Effectual Prayer - e-Book

    Author Frances W. Foulks takes you through the eight steps of prayer,
    from what makes prayer effectual to actually living in the consciousness
    of the Christ. Reverend Foulks offers practical advice on how to live
    happier lives through prayer in this Classic Library series edition.

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  • Adventures on the Quest - e-Book

    This companion to The Quest is a workbook that launches you
    on a dynamic experiential journey in living Unity principles every
    day of the year. Its meaningful activities help you bring truth
    into action.

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