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  • Mind-Body Rhythm

    This soothing music-therapy program is performed with live instrumentation and celestial vocals. Healing music played at 60 beats per minute helps overcome both physical and emotional challenges.
  • Power Up: The Twelve Powers Revisited

    Gain new appreciation for the twelve spiritual powers made famous by Charles Fillmore, as spiritual abilities and learn how to apply them from your highest, most elevated level of Consciousness.
  • Resting in Stillness

    These three distinctive soulful meditations, which can either be listened to individually or as one consecutive meditation, submerge the listener into a profound sacred resting place where pause, revelation, and rejuvenation can be experienced.
  • Sacred Elements of Healing

    Through the years, Silent Unity has received countless stories of physical, emotional, and spiritual renewal through affirmative prayer. Now, those inside Unity share their inspiring stories of healing.
  • Sacred Elements of Prosperous Living

    Silent Unity often prays with people who desire to live a more prosperous life. Uncover the three-step process that can pave the way to prosperous living. Learn to practice a trinity of gratitude that can open the heart to become a magnet for greater good.
  • Touching the Stillness

    On this CD, Paulette uses her voice to create a container that transports the participant beyond thoughts and sounds to a sacred place of soul-remembrance, where universal truths about self, oneness, true source, and identity can be more easily embraced.
  • Voices of Silent Unity

    For more than 100 years, voices expressing the Silent Unity consciousness of prayer have reached out to others in love and faith. The prayers, poems, and songs on this CD capture that essence.
  • Daily Word for the Spirit - e-Book

    In this unique Daily Word volume, Colleen Zuck, editor of
    Daily Word for 25 years, has personally selected 50 memorable
    features from her time at the magazine. Prepare to be blessed by
    powerful real-life tales of giving and receiving love, forgiveness,
    and healing.

  • Love Is Strong As Death - e-Book

    The touching and powerful poems in this volume tell the story of
    Jim and his wife Katherine and how they lovingly deal with life,
    dying, and death. Within these pages, you'll find a healing spiritual
    power that transcends death and ultimately emerges into a
    triumphant statement of living faith.

  • Messengers - e-Book

    A riveting novel about the urgent spiritual and political questions
    we face in the 21st century, Messengers will leave you reconsidering
    your outlook on life and death and why we are here.

  • Good Questions - e-Book

    Drawn from his Q&A column Good Questions in Unity Magazine,
    Dr. Tom engages readers in answering their questions about tragedy,
    God, evil, religion, the Bible, prayer, healing, forgiveness, and death.
    He strives to help his readers think more critically and spiritually about
    their lives.

  • The Five Principles - e-Book

    The five principles constitute the core teachings of the Unity
    spiritual movement and are all reflected in the teachings of Jesus
    Christ. These same principles reflect the laws of the universe and
    show up in every major religion. Learn how to work with these
    principles and apply them to your life.

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  • Spiritual Economics (CD)

    Eric Butterworth reminds us in straightforward, nontheological language that we have the power and the means within us to live abundantly. More than 100,000 people have read this vibrant message in book form, and thousands have transformed their lives by putting it into practice.