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  • The Positive Prayer Wheel: Bedside Prayers from Daily Word®

    Bedside Prayers from Daily Word is a convenient addition to your daily prayer practice. A dual-sided prayer wheel, the deck includes 48 inspirational messages for rising and resting. These nondenominational, affirmative prayers are there to support you on your spiritual journey.

  • Prayer for Protection Ornament

    Remind yourself of the light of God this holiday season. Etched with the beloved poem by James Dillet Freeman, the "Prayer for Protection" Ornament will surely lift your spirits and connect you with your divine power.

  • Effectual Prayer

    Author Frances W. Foulks takes you through the eight steps of prayer, from what makes prayer effectual to actually living in the consciousness of the Christ.

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  • Prayer Way to Health, Wealth - e-Book

    The eldest son of Unity cofounders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore was
    raised in an environment of affirmative prayer, so it was natural that
    he would write about prayer as a means to achieve health, wealth, and
    happiness. The thirteen sections of this book are based on Truth
    affirmations Lowell Fillmore compiled from experience. 

  • Many faces of Prayer, The - e-Book

    From spoken confessions to symbolic rituals and silent meditation,
    prayer takes many forms. In his cross-cultural study of world religions,
    Rev. Dr. Thomas Shepherd uncovered two common themes: the need
    to make sense of life, and the need to live it successfully.

  • Effectual Prayer - e-Book

    Author Frances W. Foulks takes you through the eight steps of prayer,
    from what makes prayer effectual to actually living in the consciousness
    of the Christ. Reverend Foulks offers practical advice on how to live
    happier lives through prayer in this Classic Library series edition.

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  • Uni-Tee Rise By Lifting Others T-Shirts

    We Rise By Lifting Others Tee is a beautiful reminder for us all,
    and can be worn anywhere. Enjoy this incredibly comfortable,
    vintage-style Tee made from the softest fibers. The T-shirt is
    made from 50% polyester, 25% combed and ring-spun cotton,
    and 25% rayon. Unisex and runs true to size. The upper back
    features a small Unity logo.

  • Handbook of Positive Prayer - e-Book

    Learn how to pray as Jesus prayed and discover more about journaling,
    visualization, prayer vigils, prayer partners, and other ways to create
    a deeper and more fulfilling prayer life.

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  • Setting a Trap for God - e-Book

    What is prayer? What exactly does it mean? What does prayer
    accomplish? Discover the way of peace, health, prosperity, and
    understanding as you learn about the true meaning of prayer and
    how to set a trap for the inexhaustible power of God!

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  • Stations of the Cosmic Christ - e-Book

    Meditate on 16 thought-provoking sculptures to develop a new
    devotional practice, integrating ancient teachings and new cosmology
    in The Stations of the Cosmic Christ. This series of practices encourages
    you to get to know yourself as the image of God.

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  • Teach Us to Pray - e-Book

    Prayer in man is a conscious expression of the upward trend of nature
    found everywhere. Discover that every impulse or desire of the soul
    for life, love, and light is a prayer. Open your soul’s connection to
    God through prayer.

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