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  • Do Puppies Pray?

    Peter Pup, a curious and mischievous puppy, decides to investigate the puzzling actions of his boy. It turns out that solving the mystery is the beginning of a new way of life in the neighborhood.
  • How to be an Antiracist

    Combining ethics, history, law, science, and personal experience, Ibram X. Kendi encourages readers to think differently about racism. Learn how to oppose racism, both in systems and in ourselves.
  • Affirmations from the Prayers of Silent Unity

    Listen to the soothing voices of Silent Unity as prayer associates share affirmations for healing, guidance, prosperity, and inner peace. Each empowering affirmation was selected to deepen your own prayer consciousness or meditation experience.
  • Hell in the Hallway, Light at the Door

    The hallway is that place between jobs, between relationships, after a death or divorce, whenever life as you know it has changed, and you don't know what's coming next. No matter how difficult or painful, the hallway can be a place of tremendous inner growth and renewal.
  • Positive Paper Gift Wrap

    This high-quality, heavyweight wrapping paper features inspirational typographic designs and is perfect for gifts, art projects, or home dTcor. Enjoy three decorative designs.

  • Soul Mastery

    A template for conscious soul evolution and energy mastery, Soul Mastery includes wisdom teachings on energy, vibration, & frequency; conscious neutrality; soul evolution; and mastering abundance.

  • Blissful Stillness: Inspirational Guided Meditations

    Blissful Stillness, the third album in the Stillness Trilogy, is everything we've come to expect from a meditation CD by Paulette Pipe. The mystical healing quality of her alchemic voice reverberates through each of its four distinctive guided meditations.
  • Charles Fillmore: American Mystic

    The story of Unity is, in large part, the story of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. This extraordinary film showcases the powerful thought, vision, and history that opened a new way of life for hundreds of thousands.
  • Lessons in Truth Audiobook (CD)

    The Unity basic textbook available on CD! H. Emilie Cady simplifies metaphysics and practical Christianity in 12 comprehensive lessons. This complete audiobook version will help you understand that Truth is a miraculous way of life! Read by Rozanne Devine.
  • Let Go, Let God CD

    On this program, Wally Amos inspires us to trust God to know what is needed most in our lives by sharing 31 ""Let Go, Let God"" messages from Daily Word magazine. Let him guide you to let go and let God lead you to happiness, success, and serenity.
  • Myrtle Fillmore's Healing Letters Audiobook (CD)

    This three-CD audio set contains excerpts of letters written by Myrtle Fillmore during the early years of the Unity movement. These timeless messages of strength and inspiration provide practical, powerful insights on prayer, spirituality, and healing.
  • Mind-Body Rhythm

    This soothing music-therapy program is performed with live instrumentation and celestial vocals. Healing music played at 60 beats per minute helps overcome both physical and emotional challenges.
  • Sacred Elements of Healing

    Through the years, Silent Unity has received countless stories of physical, emotional, and spiritual renewal through affirmative prayer. Now, those inside Unity share their inspiring stories of healing.
  • Sacred Elements of Prosperous Living

    Silent Unity often prays with people who desire to live a more prosperous life. Uncover the three-step process that can pave the way to prosperous living. Learn to practice a trinity of gratitude that can open the heart to become a magnet for greater good.
  • Touching the Stillness

    On this CD, Paulette uses her voice to create a container that transports the participant beyond thoughts and sounds to a sacred place of soul-remembrance, where universal truths about self, oneness, true source, and identity can be more easily embraced.
  • Voices of Silent Unity

    For more than 100 years, voices expressing the Silent Unity consciousness of prayer have reached out to others in love and faith. The prayers, poems, and songs on this CD capture that essence.