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  • Touching the Stillness

    On this CD, Paulette uses her voice to create a container that transports the participant beyond thoughts and sounds to a sacred place of soul-remembrance, where universal truths about self, oneness, true source, and identity can be more easily embraced.
  • Voices of Silent Unity

    For more than 100 years, voices expressing the Silent Unity consciousness of prayer have reached out to others in love and faith. The prayers, poems, and songs on this CD capture that essence.
  • Positive Paper Gift Wrap

    This high-quality, heavyweight wrapping paper features inspirational typographic designs and is perfect for gifts, art projects, or home dTcor. Enjoy three decorative designs.

  • Soul Mastery

    A template for conscious soul evolution and energy mastery, Soul Mastery includes wisdom teachings on energy, vibration, & frequency; conscious neutrality; soul evolution; and mastering abundance.

  • Jesus 2.1: An Upgrade for the 21st Century - e-Book

    Every generation throughout history has reinvented Jesus to meet the needs of the times. This successive remaking of Jesus is a sign of a healthy, positive course of intellectual and spiritual growth. It's time for our generation to reshape Jesus into a more interactive version.
  • 12 Powers Collection

    Explore your innate spiritual powers with the 12 Powers Collection, including the Rise into Your Power card deck, Rise into Your Power 2022 calendar, and Adventures in Resilience by Sharon Connors.

  • Prayer Collection

    Designed to promote self-reflection, this collection includes some of our most popular items: the Prayer for Protection Lamp, Everyday Wisdom Affirmation Cards, Handbook of Positive Prayer by Hypatia Hasbrouck, The Comfort of Prayer booklet, How to Pray Without Talking to God by Linda Martella-Whitsett, and the Positive Prayer Wheel.

  • DAILYWORD Prosperity

    Build a prosperity consciousness with this 90-day program. Former Daily Word editors provide tips for claiming abundance in finances, health, and relationships.

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  • Do Greater Things

    Do Greater Things puts in practical terms who Jesus was and what it means to follow his teachings. Nine spiritual practices from Jesus can help you awaken your own divine qualities.

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  • Keep a True Lent

    By observing Lent "according to the spirit rather than the letter", you can bring change to your life. Explore the Unity perspective on this season of renewal with 41 daily lessons.

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  • Mysteries of John

    Charles Fillmore illustrates the universal teachings of Jesus in a way that brings deeper understanding of the spiritual nature of humanity and our oneness with God.

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  • The Quest for Wholeness

    Brumet takes the idea of wholeness beyond healing or personal fulfillment to the realization of our true spiritual Self. We suffer when we identify only with our humanity, ignoring our spiritual nature.

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  • Christian Healing

    Unity cofounder Charles Fillmore demonstrates how to read, apply, and study lessons of affirmationùin much the same way as one would study and apply mathematical principles.

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  • Talks on Truth

    Charles Fillmore was a pioneer in metaphysical thought when most religious views were entirely orthodox. These 14 enlightening talks by the Unity cofounder explore the metaphysical aspects of Christianity.

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